nRF52 TWI EasyDMA with ArrayList

This blog is to introduce how to use the EasyDMA on TWI with Arraylist in order to reduce the MCU wake up and interrupt latency. There are quite a lot of discussion on the devzone past few years. EasyDMA EasyDMA is a module implemented by some peripherals to gain direct access to Data RAM. … Continue reading nRF52 TWI EasyDMA with ArrayList

LCD Demo 320×240 RGB(565) on nRF52840

This blog is to provide a video demo how fast the Nordic nRF52840 works with LCD display. The idea is to regular poll the touch sensor data and then load the image from QSPI flashto update the LCD screen through high speed SPIM3. I used the Adafruit 1947 board ( ARDUINO / SHIELDS / TFTS & DISPLAYS / 2.8" TFT TOUCH … Continue reading LCD Demo 320×240 RGB(565) on nRF52840