Hi !! My name is Jimmy Wong. I work on the embedded system development more than 20+ years. I got my bachelor degree and my master at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I did the speech recognition as my thesis. I have substantial experience on the low power connectivity solution on the BLE, WIFI, Zigbee, ANT/ANT+, DECT, Thread, 2.4GHz, LTE-M, NBIOT and so on. Now, I live in Hong Kong and work as the engineer on the IOT (Internet of Things) industry.

I created this blog to share what I’ve worked through the job and my free time working with electronics, programming or learning about the technology. I also post some example codes on my corresponding github https://github.com/jimmywong2003.

I do my best to provide useful and correct information. But I have to emphasis that all the demo codes are only to show proof of concepts. It doesn’t provide the code quality and make any guarantee. I assume no responsibility for the usage of the content shared on this blog. I will not provide any support because of limited time.