AWTK GUI Demo (Smart Watch) on nRF52840

This blog is to show to the AWTK GUI demo on the Nordic nRF52840 DK board.

  1. Sample Slide Screen Demo
  2. Smart Watch

This demo is done with AWTK ZLG (

Simple GUI Demo

Smart Watch Demo


ZLG has created a powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use open source GUI engine, AWTK.

AWTK, called Toolkit AnyWhere, is a GUI framework developed by ZLG based on C language. Designed to provide users with a powerful, efficient, reliable, easy-to-use GUI engine that can easily make cool effects, and support cross-platform simultaneous development, one-time programming, and lifetime use.

main features:

  • Open source free, use unfettered;
  • Support pure C programming, use no threshold;
  • Support cross-multiple operating systems, even no operating system platform, synchronous development and debugging, use no boundaries;
  • Compact and efficient, it requires only 8K RAM+32K FLASH and can run on small resource platforms such as Cortex-M3.
  • With a complete animation system, translucent fill and texture, support for hardware acceleration, easy to make cool and smooth interface effects;
  • Rich GUI controls that provide windows, dialogs, and a variety of commonly used controls, with built-in animations;
  • Support bitmap fonts and vector fonts to load standard TTF font files;
  • Built-in Chinese and English input method, and support intelligent phrase input;
  • Support XML for interface layout, theme and style sheet technology, easy to implement interface skinning;
  • Supports retina HD resolution technology, with high-definition screen for smooth and delicate graphics and text.

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