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Multiple BLE peripheral on throughput test

This blog is to configure the nRF52 as the multiple BLE peripheral and then send the data to its corresponding master. This is the proof of concept demo. For example, as the below diagram, the nRF52 is configured as the dual ble peripheral. It keeps to update the data to central. Requirement: SDK 16.0 /… Continue reading Multiple BLE peripheral on throughput test

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BLE Scanner with RSSI and MAC Address

This blog is to give a demo how to scan the ble advertiser and show the RSSI and MAC address in sorting order. It is the feature similar to the mobile phone. For example, as below, the scanner is kept to get the nearby advertiser. It would get all the corresponding advertising payload, peer address… Continue reading BLE Scanner with RSSI and MAC Address

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Maximum BLE Throughput with IOS

This blog is to show the BLE throughput on different user scenarios. I would also show the maximum throughput in the real world, particularly how fast the BLE communication with IOS devices. I would use 2 x nRF52840 DK for the central and peripheral bi direction communication and print out the live throughput. After that,… Continue reading Maximum BLE Throughput with IOS