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NRF52811 with BLE Long Range Example

This blog is to show how to setup the BLE long range demo on the nRF52811 chipset.

On the Nordic webpage, S140v7.0.1 is the official support the BLE long range stack on the nRF52811.

The size of the S140v7.0.1 is 156KB (including 4KB MBR). It means that the size of the application fw cannot be larger than 192-156KB = 36KB.

I did the quick demo code and placed it at

The FW size of the Central / Perpherial are around 18-20KB given the following conditions

  • Optimization with size,
  • Without debugging information
  • Without RTT log

Meanwhile, if you would like to estimate the RANGE, the RSSI signal strength and Packet Success Rate % would be shown through UART terminal at the Central side.

If you have any comment, welcome to notice me.

4 thoughts on “NRF52811 with BLE Long Range Example

  1. Hi Jimmy,

    great post! I am a student and currently working on my bachelor thesis. Could you explain to me in more detail, how your library works? I tried using get_packet_success_rate() inside a repeated timer handler, but for some reason it always returns 0. Using get_packet_success_rate() on BLE_GAP_EVT_RSSI_CHANGED worked fine though. Do you know, why this error occurs? I would really appreciate your help on this!


    1. you need to check about the timer whether it is using the same instance or not.

      The idea is how to measure the PER to count the receive event number and CRC fail (by using the timer counter up).


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