Maximum BLE Throughput with IOS

This blog is to show the BLE throughput on different user scenarios. I plan to show the maximum throughput in the real world, particularly showing how fast the BLE communication with IOS devices.

I would use 2 x nRF52840 DK for the central and peripheral bi direction communication and print out the live throughput. After that, I would show that how to achieve the maximum of Bluetooth throughput on IOS.

BLE Throughput

Follow up the blog, Nordic Softdevice can achieve up to 800Kbps on BLE 4.2 or 1.3Mbps on BLE 5.0.


Scenario 1

Requirement & Procedures

  • nRF52840 DK x 2 (BLE Peripheral / Central)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (2Mbps)
  • Sending 1MB data from either side
Data (1MB) is sending from peripheral to central
Left (BLE Central), Right (BLE Peripheral)

Data (1MB) is sending from Central to Peripheral

Left (BLE Central), Right (BLE Peripheral), Data 1MB sents from central to peripheral

Scenario 2 (Connect with IOS)


nRF52840 DK (BLE Peripheral) + IOS (IPhone Max XS) [IOS 13.3.1]

By following Apple Bluetooth Development Guideline,, I setup the demo to send data from device to IOS as below.

BLE 1Mbps

BLE 2Mbps

In Summary,

The maximum of BLE throughput with IOS is around 3xx kbps (1Mbps) and 6xx kbps (2Mbps)

For the IOS Bluetooth Development, you can refer to

Also, you can find more details at the APPLE developer Web page.

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  1. Hi Jimmy,
    I love this article! I checked your github and didn’t find the project for this. I wonder if it’s possible if I could get a copy and play with the throughput. Thanks


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