OLED display support for nRF52 Series

LCD is one of the best approach to show some demo. Just have a quick example port on the github how to use OLED display (SSD1306) for connecting to nRF52840 DK board.


It used the Nordic SDK 15.3 to connect two difference SSD1306 resolution displays through I2C interface.

  1. SSD1306 128×64
  2. SSD1306 128×32

There are two examples to run on SSD1306 (128×32 / 128×64) resolution with nRF52840 DK.
1) Port the Adafruit SSD1306 Library / GFX Library (refer to http://electronut.in/bluey/)
2) Port on the SSD1306 driver (refer to https://github.com/monpetit/nrf52-spi-i2c-master-ssd1306)

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